Recent happy moments (okay, mainly food)

I won’t bother apologizing for the fact that I don’t have time to write a proper blog post at the moment due to being too busy trying to soak in my last week in Nagoya, as well as pass my finals, write my end reports, box up my room, etc., because I know that all of you wonderful people want me to be enjoying my final days in Japan as much as possible. And by “all of you,” I realize that I may only be referring to my mom, Lucas, and Hannah, as they are the only people who I am more or less certain will at some point read these words. So, thanks for understanding, guys 🙂

Even though I’m not posting many words this time, I thought I’d still share some photos of some of the more exciting moments to take place in my life over the past several weeks.

Highlights include:

Attending a massive flute concert, at a swanky performance hall, with my friend Lucy. (And being given nice chopsticks by a stranger while we talked standing in line waiting to enter the building.)2014-06-18 18.46.072014-06-21 15.47.47

2014-06-21 15.47.58

Stopping by Nagoya’s very own “Oktoberfest,” which for some reason takes place in mid-July, and drinking the most expensive mug of beer I’ve ever purchased (although I suppose there haven’t been that many to compare it too):

2014-07-12 19.53.12

2014-07-12 19.38.56

Baking (cookies!) for the first time since coming to Japan, thanks to Hiraku who let me borrow his oven as my dorm doesn’t have one:

2014-06-27 20.57.422014-06-27 21.37.41

2014-06-27 22.16.31

Watching a Japanese baseball game:

Go Dragons!!

2014-07-16 18.02.05


And eating so much good food. Just a few examples:2014-06-24 12.19.46

Miso katsu:

2014-06-24 12.19.40

Sugary naan and vegetable curry for the first time in ages(!):2014-06-21 19.26.20

Hipster health-food joint:2014-07-12 14.04.06

2014-07-12 14.03.47

Coffee and dessert at the 51st floor of Nagoya Station:2014-07-12 16.46.26

2014-07-12 17.07.36

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4 Responses to Recent happy moments (okay, mainly food)

  1. cousin Becky says:

    Paige, I’ve enjoyed your blog so much. Hope someday I get another trip. I have also forwarded it each time to son Johnny and wife Amber who met in Japan, Johnny lived there eight years and they have such great memories. Also to Amber’s dad who also loves Japan and married Yumi, from Japan. I thought Yumi would like photos from home and also photos and descriptions of places they may not have visited. Know your immediate family is soooo looking forward to you being home – at least closer to home. Love, your cousin Becky

    • Paige says:

      Thanks, cousin Becky! I really appreciate your sweet words. I hope that it’s not too long before I am able to see all of you in person again! Lots of love, Paige

  2. Lisa Tillman says:

    It all looks so wonderful! I am glad you are doing the fun things, AND the food looks delicious!!!! It was cool to see your window seat at The Cafe’ Du Ciel and remember being there with you and Neil. 😊 Because of you, now I love Japan too, and I really hope to return some day; one week there wasn’t nearly enough! Paige, I know that in the future, you will definitely look back on this time in Japan knowing that you lived and learned amazing things. I hope it’s okay for me to say that I’m proud beyond words, and I don’t think you could have done the Fulbright Fellowship any better! I love you! *Mom

  3. Hannah De Priest says:

    Hello darling girl, so good to look through these pictures and see how happy (and full!) you must be. I have to echo your mom’s sentiments; I don’t see how you could have lived any better this past year. And I’m so grateful you took the time to share so much of it with all of us! xxxxxx

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