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Nagoya Sight-seeing: Yokiso

Yokiso is a beautiful villa that was built in the early 1900s and often used to host international students. Today most of the buildings have been transformed into a museum, and there remains a lovely Japanese tea-house and garden. It’s not … Continue reading

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Festivals and Food

Seeing as there were no photos in my last post and I have little time to write now, I thought I’d post some of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken in the past few weeks, so that everyone can know … Continue reading

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Monthly Report #1

One of the requirements of the Fulbright Fellow grant for Japan is that once a month we all write up brief reports on the academic, cultural, and personal activities, accomplishments, and struggles that we’ve been facing and submit them to … Continue reading

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Koshoji Temple, Yagoto

Today Sophie (one of my lovely dorm-mates)  and I went to a nearby Buddhist temple called 興正寺(Koshoji) to check out the monthly market they hold on the temple grounds. Immediately when we got out of the subway, we noticed that the … Continue reading

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International Residence Yamate (my new dorm)

As of today, I’ve been living in my new dorm for exactly a week! And here’s my new address for anyone who is interested in sending an occasional letter my way (!): Paige Bolduc S511, Nagoya University International Residence Yamate … Continue reading

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